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Blue Anchor Studio

Art Projects for young artist!

Here’s one of my favorite fun projects! You will need a piece of white paper, pencil and crayons or markers. Take the paper and fold it in half. Then fold ONE side back again.

Once you have done one side, turn it around, not over, and fold it the same way.

Now you can draw a fish, bunny or any critter you’d like; first with a pencil and then trace it with a marker. Once the outside is done, open up the paper and connect the two sides of the critter and then color everything with crayons or markers. When you are done, fold it up and then open it again with a big roar! Happy creating! 

 Make sure you post your beautiful work on my facebook page: Blue Anchor Studio

Today we are going to make an Underwater Stained Glass Window! You will need black construction paper, white, blue and green tissue paper, scissors and glue.

First, cut out 1 black rectangle and ocean animal shapes using black construction paper. Use a piece of white tissue paper as the base. Glue the black rectangle to the white tissue paper and then decorate the blue and green squares using glue. Once all the ocean colors are glued down, glue the sea creatures you cut out in the black construction paper. Once it is dry, hang in your widow and let the sun shine through! It works great!! Happy creating and don't forget to post a picture of your projects!!!

 Make sure you post your beautiful work on my facebook page: Blue Anchor Studio

So today we are going to draw animals! Below I have shown several examples of ways to draw animals. Look at the first part of the drawing. Do you see how it starts with a letter? For example the Ladybug starts with a "T" -- copy the lines on your paper. Then go to the second part and add all lines that are red, then go to the next part and add all the red lines, etc. Take your time! Give it a try! It's a great way to write a story about your favorite animals! Don't forget to post your drawings below! Can't wait to see what you make!! Happy creating!!!

 Make sure you post your beautiful work on my facebook page: Blue Anchor Studio